Ash 10.5 – Ash Spam (for Michael Johnson)

Apparently there is some dude, Michael Johnson, who is using the name “Ash International Records” to sting aspiring musicians for money with promises of a contract in the music business, and with threats he will destroy you if you don’t sign. He is called Michael Johnson.

***UPDATE*** He now seems to be calling himself “Ash Records int.”, but any approach from anyone calling themselves any variation of this name should be treated as fraudulent.

Ash International is not part of the “music business”, is not a record company and we never “sign bands”.

We have honoured Mr. Johnson with a catalogue number – Ash 10.5. He is now part of our release schedule, along with Ash Die Back, Ash Wednesday and many other items – see here for a full list of Ash International editions.

Please ignore him – if you respond it gives him toxic energy…

If you wish to file an official complaint, please contact the authorities here and fill in the Scambook – this can only help.

If you wish to contact Michael Johnson directly, here are his details:
Michael Johnson
Ash International Records
A&R Department
Téléphone /Telephone : +44 (0)7937447553
Skype: ashinternational1

…but please remember he has nothing to do with us, Ash International.

Anyone who has contacted or been contacted by this Michael Johnson of “Ash International Records”, please email – we are trying to get a picture of how many people have been affected and build a case to report to the FBI and other international anti-spam fraud agencies…