Ash 8.3 – “In Dreams” T-shirt

A series of T-shirts featuring text which occurs during a dream. Each design is produced in an edition of one, made for the dreamer.

#1: “God is a cockney greengrocer…” 5.05.09
Dreamer: Rebekah Staton

#2: “I’m a cultural icon” 17.06.09
Dreamer: Gavin Bryars

#3: “…chemicals and impulse” 3.05.11
Dreamer: Michael Esposito

#4: “‘See you later’ – the dead” 10.05.11
Dreamer: Leif Elggren

#5: “There is no such thing as denazification” 09.07.11
Dreamer: Sandra Jasper

#6: “One less year to negotiate” 29.11.11
Dreamer: Philip Jeck

#7: “Someone should eat that… Oh, it’s gone!” 17.07.12
Dreamer: Dawn Scarfe

T-Shirts provided by Shirty Something