BJ Nilsen’s “Draught #1” – digital download now available

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Cassette in an edition of 500 copies.
Cover: ‘Dead Flowerz One’ – the first in a series of six by SAVX.

Digital download.
Cover: ‘Dead Flowerz Two’ – the second in a series of six by SAVX.

Track Listing
A: Live at the ICA, London, 17th May 2008 – 40:07
Recorded by Charlie Poulet
B: Live at Puzzle, Caen, 26th November 2008 – 31:50
Recorded by Anna Cruise

“Arrive early. Dress appropriately. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Tune up before and during the performance. Don’t be a statue. Avoid “dead air”. Be flexible. Learn to play through bad stage sound. Never stop part way through a song, no matter how badly you’ve screwed up. Be prepared to socialise and mingle with the audience members. Have fun.”