“Is that English sweat on you? Is that English sweat?”

“6, we find our mode. On the other hand we play records all night & write unambitious 6 bad books of poetry in those disastrous last 8 years.”

Christophe Van Huffel & Leslie Winer are Purity Supreme. “Famous Inhabitants of Louth” is the third track on “Always Already” – released on 24.10.11 as a vinyl EP and a digital download. Video & images by Sébastien Chou & Anna Paola Guerra.

This song is about someone. “If you want to call someone a thieving pig fucker, you’d better be prepared to produce the pig.” — Hunter S. Thompson

Leslie Winer writes: “Purity Supreme is a project named after a particularly & spectacularly filthy supermarket that was near my grandmother’s house in the 70s. Here’s a little piece of honeybaked ham covered in hair and sidewalk salt jamming the wheels of your shopping cart. Purity Supreme.”