The Ash International label was founded in 1993 as an audio-visual organization by Mike Harding and Robin Rimbaud – a kind of sub-label to Touch. For 13 years, Ash International has been putting the limits of audio art to the test. Electronic communications, radio emissions and other natural frequencies are an endless source of material.

β€œOn stage, a bunch of laptops are lined up. Behind them is a couch, seated in it is members of Ash 13 international showcase. One of them gets up, approaches on of the many lap top, press something and sound starts rolling slowly. We are literally talking audio art here. Large static sound images, reminds of a tapestry or painting you can enjoy hours on end. The many people gathered in Mimerlaven is sitting or lying around, people close their eyes and some fall asleep. The blue light that slowly fans over the walls works beautifully with the soft sounds that sounds distant, and under water. Sometimes powerful rushing sounds cuts through the soft sonic carpet and the whole performance reaches a massing, meditative atmosphere. The sounds rings out as deep spheres, droning on up to twenty minutes at a time. It is hard to take it in as real music, also they have chosen to keep the volume level down, compared to other acts that obviously intended to tear the Mimer tower down. Ash 13 fit perfectly well in the mining pit and at a festival for electronic music, although it is hard to point out where else they might fit in. After four hours travelling, in company with Ash 13, it takes quite some time to make it back home again.” [Theis Egeberg, ]