Ash 14.4 – Yenting Hsu – Flash 須臾

DL – 6 tracks

Pre-orders: 13th May 2022
Release date: 17th June 2022
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2. Coordinates 座標
3. January 一月
4. Circle 迴圈
5. False or True 虛實
6. Starry 星塵

Yenting Hsu (Taiwan) uses sound as her primary creation medium. Interweaving field recordings with electronic sounds and objects, she continues to explore documentary and fiction/narrative and imaginary elements of recorded sounds. Mixing with other art media and artistic disciplines, she creates installations, performances, audio documentaries, electroacoustic music and more. Yenting Hsu is part of the Touch Mentorship programme.

許雁婷(台灣) 以聲音為主要創作媒材。交織田野錄音、電子和物件聲響,持續探索錄音聲音的紀錄及虛構、敘事及想像特質,亦時常混融其他媒材及藝術領域創作,以裝置、表演、聲音紀錄片、電子原音音樂等形式呈現。許雁婷是Touch領航計劃的成員之一。

Flash 須臾

As the continuation of the Relight+MUSIC project collaborating with zhēnzhēn Stained Glass lab, Flash is dedicated to the theme of ‘time’. Sound, music and glass exist as art forms of time. In this album, sound materials are from samples of glass sounds, accompanied with field recordings, electronic sounds and voices. I use various approaches to imagine and depict the concept of time and different time frames.

Unknown deconstructs one sound of patterned glass, discovers and reconstructs the hidden melody within the glass sound. Exploring the unknown in the known to uncover the veil of time. It is the prologue.

Coordinates illuminates moments often ignored and amplifies the corners of cities. Following these inconspicuous fragments, we get the direction of our mundane lives.

January. Winter. The beginning. Paces harmonized in one. Cool passion. Born and reborn.

Circle. Some scientists believe that we have memories from the past and the future both. Past memories and future memories come together as a Circle. The nearest past is the closest to the farthest future.

False or True is made with a no-input mixer. It resonates with the present and acceptance. Without editing carefully – like I usually do in my sound creation – this track reminds me of living in the moment, and simply accepting the consequences.

Starry flashes back to my first impression of listening to the sound of pattern glass placed on a turntable. Each piece of glass is like a planet, twinkling within the space of unique rhythms and sounds.

In this sound universe, let’s fold and unfold time and space incomprehensible to our human senses.

須臾 Flash






〈虛實〉以無輸入混音器(no-input mixer)創作,與「當下」及「接受」共振。一反我創作聲音的常態,這一首並未仔細剪輯,十分當下,僅僅接受經過一段時間後的結果。



Artist: Yenting Hsu
Mixing & Mastering: Yude
Graphic Design: Po-chieh Chang
Glass art: zhēnzhēn Stained glass lab
Video: TshioTiô
Special thanks to Ministry of Culture,Taiwan, ALIEN Art Centre, W GLASS PROJECT

For more info about Relight+MUSIC, please check:

特別感謝:文化部、永添藝術.金馬賓館當代美術館、 W GLASS PROJECT