Ash 14.6 – Ella van der Woude – Moloch

DL – 15 tracks
Release date: 22nd September 2022
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Track listing:

1. Moloch 01:22
2. Digging 01:44
3. Bag Man 01:12
4. Bog Body 01:00
5. The Curse 03:10
6. Hanna 01:34
7. Aftermath 01:10
8. Psychic 01:28
9. Moloch ll 01:54
10. The Legend of Feike 01:48
11. Hypnosis 01:58
12. Moloch lll 02:16
13. Procession 01:48
14. Leave it Be 01:42
15. Credits 02:58

A girl living on the margins of a peat bog follows the trail of a mysterious, evil, supernatural entity hiding in the bog. This horror film shot in Drenthe (NL) is filmmaker Nico van den Brink’s debut. With Sallie Harmsen, Alexandre Willaume, Edon Rizvanolli, Fred Goessens, Anneke Blok & Johan Fretz

Erik Bonerfält: guitar, textures
Randall Dunn: synthesizers
Arjan Miranda: synthesizers
Ella van der Woude: synthesizers, piano, guitar, voice, clarinet

All music by Ella van der Woude except Track 2 by Ella van der Woude, Randall Dunn and Arjan Miranda
Additional recordings at Circular Ruin, New York

Music co-produced by Ella van der Woude and Randall Dunn
Mixed by Randall Dunn at Circular Ruin, New York
Mastering by Stephan Mathieu

Photo by Johann Friedrich Schmid (1870-1962) taken circa 1950