Friedrich Jurgenson – From The Studio For Audioscopic Research


CD – 55:16 – 57 tracks

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EVP recordings from one of the earliest pioneers of EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] + b/w booklet of notes, credits and translations + colour cards of photos and paintings etc.

THE PARAPSYCHIC ACOUSTIC RESEARCH COOPERATIVE [PARC] in association with Ash International [R.I.P.] is proud to announce its second CD production, following the success of The Ghost Orchid – An Introduction to EVP [PARC CD1, 1999] – Friedrich Jürgenson – from the Studio for Audioscopic Research CD [57 tracks] in a plastic wallet + booklet and full colour cards is released to mark the establishment of the Friedrich Jürgenson Foundation and the start of the exhibition of the same name to be held at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, from May 13th 2000.

The CD is assembled from the original Uher tapes of his pioneering EVP recordings from the 1960s and 70s, with an English translation and notes of the recordings. The package contain cards of his paintings and an extraordinary image of Jürgenson himself appearing on a TV screen on the day of his funeral in 1987 (see above image by Claude Thorlin, courtesy of Anders Leopold). The release will be available at the opening of the exhibition on May 12th and will thereafter be commercially available from the usual outlets.

Friedrich Jürgenson [1903-1987], along with Konstantine Raudive, was one of the earliest pioneers of EVP recording. Attempting to record birdsong in his garden on the latest tape recorder, Jürgenson found stray voices cutting in to the recordings when noone else was present. Later he started to recognise some of the voices, including his mother, who used her pet nickname for him. He was also a philosopher, painter, archaeologist, linguist and singer; court painter to Pope Pius X11, film documentary maker and recording artist. He lived through and witnessed the Russian Revolution, two world wars, the destruction of the old European order and the arrival of the technological age, bridging the gap between times when information was handed down by word of mouth and the modern era of taperecorders and televisions. Thus did he straddle the last century. This collection of voices has never appeared on CD before and we are grateful to the Friedrich Jürgenson Foundation for their kindness in granting us permission to publish the sounds, texts and pictures included in this release. [Färgfabriken Center for Contemporary Art & Architecture, Lovholmsbrinken 1, S-117 43 Stockholm, Sweden]

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An Introduction to EVP

The Ghost Orchid

The Ghosts of Effingham