Ash 1.2 – Scanner 2


01 Untitled 6:57
02 Untitled 9:41
03 Untitled 8:03
04 Untitled 6:06
05 Untitled 6:09
06 Untitled 15:30
07 Untitled 5:50
08 Untitled 12:35

All tracks by Robin Rimbaud and Steve Williams.

1. Identify and confront media overload. Protest against repression
2. Aural pornography is the obscenity of the mundane
3. We are all voyeurs. They steal our minds and then our money
4. Ensure your work is anonymous
5. The chances that they were casually intercepted are zillions to one
6. 75% of all calls intercepted talk about sex
7. Each day the brain makes 100 times more connections than the world telephone system
8. …and just when you thought it was safe to pick up the phone
9. Make eavesdropping an art form
10. Erase all identifying material

The second Scanner CD extends the idea confronted on the first; by placing it in a more restful context it emphasizes the mundanity of the communication process. But the “grainy and gruelling soundtrack to human foibles” increases the sense of frustration and amazement at the dynamic of human intercourse.

It is a modern parable, our own Tower of Babel – how many words have been heard by the earth? What is the sum total of their worth? And what has been their effect? Is language a desparate attempt to avoid staring into the chasm, or a launch-pad for discovery?

The voyeuristic nature of this exercise accentuates the punishment inflicted by men on women…and one can only cringe at the discourse which highlights faithfully the shifting balance of power taking place between the sexes as we enter a new set of rules and regulations for our survival… as we speak.