Ash 1.4 – Blind c/w Fragment

LP, 41m30s

A: Blind
B: Fragment

The cultural and political landscape of western Europe has now totally fragmented. A living metaphor for Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – you know now where its at but not where its going – the entertainment media thrashes about wildly as it tries to pin the tail on the next unfortunate donkey. Don’t be that ass.

Ash International, the people who brought you Scanner, release their 4th illegal recording- a two track LP, Blind c/w Fragment. This recording was made in 1978, at an American air force base somewhere in England. The resulting sounds make your hair curl: static, vinyl or radio-wave?, sears through your brain as the rasping voice of the pilot is projected from your speakers like a SCUD missile launched at your living room.

Duck or die.


Edwin Pouncey, Journalist, said of Blind: “Ridiculous!”

Steve Beckett of Warp Records: “How did you manage to put that out?”

Top Magazine (UK):
“Equally mystifying is another Ash International release, Blind. A vinyl-only oddity recorded at an American Air Force base somewhere in England by a rabid plane spotter in 1978. The minimally packaged 12-inch captures a searing rasp of pilot-to-control techno squawk that hovers round the room like some big bomb-laden blow fly. Astonishing and occasionally worrisome sounds from a world you probably never knew existed which buzzes above your head 24 hours a day.”

Melody Maker (UK):
Box of Delights – DJ 4 minutes 33: “Finally, a joker in the pack: Ash 1.4 Blind/Fragment (Ash International). A compellingly hypnotic recording of a 1978 air pilot’s conversation with his control tower, it currently gets my top vote and is dropped into the mix at my perverse will.”